The man who makes laugh corporate managers
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These articles were published in well known French Newspapers,
we translated them for your comprehension.

"'We had never before communicated using a humoristic method. The result: a triumph,' remembers the Director of Communication." L'Usine Nouvelle

"We all experienced a moment of intense truth… Everything was so funny that nobody felt threatened… The tensions were eased and the discussions that followed were extremely rewarding… Not only were the messages well received, but even months later, we continue to speak about them… and still laugh!..." Director of Human Resources for M Magazine

"'We had first attempted to convey our messages using a Cartesian method. However, through these humoristic presentations, the effect was instantaneous,' exclaimed the Division Director..." L'Usine Nouvelle

"I came out of this convention with another state of mind…" Maîtriser

"And this was very well appreciated by everyone, including the trade unionists" Maîtriser

"Salespeople are an extremely difficult group to persuade', explained the Department Director… 'The result: our teams were fully captivated for an hour and a half.'" L'Entreprise

"'Bankers are not an easy group to impress,' explained a Board Director.’ Here, Grudzinski created a true electric shock. Through humor, he succeeded in proving the value of each profession and reinforced the overall cohesion of the team.'" Paris-Match

"Serge Grudzinski performs the feat of combining humor with the audit report through his Humorous Management Presentations… Instead of presenting lengthy, dull reports, Serge Grudzinski conveys messages while remaining humorous…” Entreprise et Carrières

"Laughter in the business world (where we are very serious, there is no laughter) has found its Herald, Serge Grudzinski; the CEO of Humour Consulting Group, where professional skills are combined with comedic talent…" CB News

"Laughter has the power to unite. The messages become magic as a company seeks to better involve its employees. With humor, employees ask for more…" L'Usine Nouvelle

"In only one hour, he succeeded in unblocking an extremely complicated situation,' explained a client" L'Entreprise "His clients appreciated the sociological and 'ethnological' analysis created by the humorist" L'Entreprise

“With great humor yet without malice. Attentive, amazed, yet convinced, the quick to laugh participants cheered for him after his 40 minute presentation. It was just the amount of time he needed to create a sweet, inviting atmosphere.” Les Echos


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