management, Client, organization, business, processes, merger, Change, Expert, Communication, generations, gender, multicultural, team cohesion, we have it all for you!

Manager Max is one of the world’s most experienced and appreciated speakers regarding the following topics.

His Presentations can include several of these topics as well as particular subjects pertaining to a specific company.

Best practices in management
“The ideal Manager”

Working together
The fundamentals of efficient teamwork

Client satisfaction
Creating and maintaining excellent client relationships to optimize satisfaction and commercial efficiency

Making the best out of organization
Adopting new behaviors to optimize the efficiency of organization (matrix, globalization, centralization, decentralization, restructuring, etc.)

Changing business model
Identifying the strategic changes which lead to the creation of a new business model and understanding the key success factors of this new model

Promoting processes and tools
Introducing IT tools, reporting, etc. so that people welcome these innovations

Fast and successful merger
Creating the best conditions for team unification so that teams surpass all their prejudices and open up to each other

Change management
The key mindsets and behaviors to successfully implement change

Working with foreign colleagues
Explaining cultural differences to eliminate miscommunication, misinterpretation and misunderstanding with international colleagues

Project management
Best practices to succeed in the complex processes of working on a big project

Expert or manager?
Differentiating between the various behaviors required for each role

Promoting cross functionality
Promoting behaviors that optimize company offers and commercial efficiency

Communication skills
Openness, listening, clarity, assertiveness, confidence, feedback, etc.

Uniting generations
Uncovering the values, expectations and behaviors of different generations all working towards the same objectives.

Monitoring performance levels
Becoming aware of the essential levers of one’s performance and of how they should be prioritized and optimized

Promoting gender equality
Key advice for women on how to succeed in the corporate world… and advice to men on how to understand and work better with their female colleagues

Having consulted hundreds of companies in many different sectors, Manager Max has become experienced with a large number of trades and specialties. He can thusly provide an overview of these different professions in order to foster employee recognition or even the collaboration between multiple positions (bringing down barriers and fostering synergy).

  • Salesman
  • Manager
  • Purchaser
  • Communication
  • Human Resources
  • IT Specialists
  • New Technology
  • Lawyer And Legal Counsel
  • Tax advisor
  • Auditor
  • Consultant, Advisor
  • Finance: Investment Banking, LBO, Asset
  • Management, Securities, Private Banking, M&A,
  • Corporate Banking, Private Equity...
  • Retail Banking
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Aeronautics
  • Airline Company
  • Utilities
  • Facility Management
  • Medical Representative
  • Store Manager
  • Luxury Products