Unusual eccentric comedian to celebrate your conference and seminar

The emotions created during Manager Max’s Presentations,

which truly become occasions of uninterrupted laughter, greatly take the power of laughter to a new level. The “Irresistible Collective Laughter” generated during a show not only leaves the audience joyfully hysterical, it opens their hearts and minds to new ideas and mindsets.
Upon leaving a conference, the participants give the performance rave reviews. Oftentimes, even many years after his Presentations, Manager Max runs into past audience members who immediately recognize him as if no time had passed. Some of them even remember specific phrases he had said. When "Irresistible Collective Laughter" is involved, thoughts and ideas can never be forgotten.

-Irresistible Collective Laughter has several impressive powers.-

Breaking down barriers

Such strong collective laughter takes down social barriers and brings people together. “We realized that here, we have all been in the same boat and have become much closer with one another than we had previously thought possible”.


Raising awareness

Manager Max’s Presentations create a mirror effect where the audience takes a close, yet lighthearted look at themselves. This benevolent effect not only makes them aware of the necessity to seek progress, it also motivates them to accept changes. “Much more efficient than a standard exhibition. Here, I truly understood why and how we needed to make progress!”


Easing tensions and stresses

When people are stressed, anxious, worried, or unhappy, Manager Max is able to give them peace of mind. “It is marvelous to laugh so hard at what can make us suffer. When we can laugh about it, we can put it all behind us.”


Generating enthusiasm

The “Irresistible Collective Laughter” generated by Manager Max triggers powerful emotions that release an energetic feeling of happiness amongst the audience. “I have not laughed this much in years. I feel rejuvenated like never before!” The stronger the laughter during a Manager Max Presentation, the better are its impacts on the management and the employees.

This Speaker says the unsayable with benevolence and leaves a memorable souvenir through his unusual, off the wall, breakthrough Humoristic Management Presentation. He makes humorous skits with serious corporate concerns. His humor is multicultural, universal and irresistible