international speaker and multicultural showman

Serge GRUDZINSKI AKA Manager Max

Companies have taught me that being able to laugh at themselves allows them to make considerable progress. you need to see it to believe it

His Career

A graduate of the Polytechnique School (a prestigious French engineering school) and of Stanford University, Serge Grudzinski (aka Manager Max) started his career as an industrial engineer and later became a consultant in management (Booz Allen Hamilton and A.T. Kearney). During his 12 years of working in the Corporate World, he grew an intense interest in the comedic arts and became a performing comic in 1991 (with French celebrity Philippe Bouvard and several One Man Shows at the Théâtre de Dix-heures in Paris).

In 1993, Serge decided to combine humor with business consulting to unify professional teams by helping them overcome the difficulties of seeking progress and motivation. This innovative method turned out to be so effective and so efficient that he founded the “HUMOUR CONSULTING GROUP”.

His Presentations were immediately successful. Over the years, he developed "Irresistible Collective Laughter”, which was a breakthrough in the unification and motivation of a company. To accelerate the international development of his unique expertise, Serge decided to culminate all of his experience into his character, Manager Max, who comes to life during his Humorous Management Presentations.

His Experience

Manager Max has completed over 1,000 motivational Presentations with all kinds of companies, facing all sorts of situations: transformations, "cultural revolutions", expansions, mergers, restructurings, growth crises, sentiments of low morale, etc.
Manager Max has unprecedented experience in communicating change, inspiring leadership, building teamwork and motivating employees. Manager Max transmits such an impressive enthusiasm and energy to his audience.

His Team

Manager Max has developed over the years and over many Presentations a rigorous method at achieving “Irresistible Collective Laughter”. He trained the consultants of the Humour Consulting Group, who have gained immense experience in the assessment of Office Dynamics and Team Motivation.
This group of consultants has undertaken alone over 1,000 projects in Europe and with clients of many other countries throughout the world.

Ludovic d'Anterroches - Vice President in charge of Audit of Team Dynamics and Change
Vice President in charge of Audit of
Team Dynamics and Change

Ludovic d'Anterroches

Former legal counsel, Ludovic d’Anterroches, rigorously analyzes the evolution of businesses yet empathically listens to the concerns of the employees. For over 10 years, he has assessed the challenges of hundreds of businesses and has listened to thousands of managers and employees throughout the entire world. This unparalleled experience reinforces his sound judgment while addressing team dynamics and facilitating adhesion.

Eléonore Muyard - Senior Consultant and Coach
Senior Consultant and Coach

Eléonore Muyard

After having been both a stage actress and a director, Eléonore applies her empathy and analytical talent towards teambuilding. Like Ludovic, her role at Humour Consulting Group is to perform audits on team dynamics and cohesion. An expert on the Ericksonian coaching method, after our Humorous Management Presentations, she offers to meet with the teams to channel the new excellent energy created by Manager Max towards progress.

Marie Ingrid Labetoulle - Manager Max's Personnal Assistant
Manager Max's Personnal Assistant

Marie-Ingrid Labetoulle

Working as Manager Max’s assistant for over 10 years, Marie-Ingrid is an essential asset to the team. She helps Manager Max develop and organize the logistics of each assignment. All from her desk, she steers him to the most prestigious and varied conventions and seminar venues.

Anastasia Grudzinski - Head of Development
Head of Development

Anastasia Grudzinski

Anastasia is Business Development Manager. With a Master Degree in Economics, she worked as a portfolio manager in Insurance Brokerage. She brings her rigor and her taste for community management to boost international development. Her challenge is to make Manager Max present his “Laugh to Lead” experience all over the world.

This team specializing in Motivation deals with all corporate issues: Strategy and organizing solutions, HR and multicultural issues, ... and adresses them with humor during conventions, seminars and meetings

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