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Does Manager Max perform alone?

During his Humorous Management Presentations, Manager Max performs alone because he delivers an impressive One Man Show. Beforehand, Manager Max and his team of consultants conduct interviews to focus on each company’s specific traits. In some cases, our clients get involved after the Presentations and are inspired to participate in the proceeding group seminars.

Can anyone attend a Presentation?

Manager Max deals mostly with confidential matters specific to each company. However, we can ask our clients whether the presence of a third party is accepted. If making it to a Presentation is not possible, he has hundreds of video clips that could give you a better idea of his shows. (video)

How large are Manager Max’s audiences?

Manager Max has seen success in any sized venue. The size of his audience has ranged from 5 individuals (Executive Committees) to over 3,000.

Can our employees participate in the preparation of the Presentation?

His steering team performs all the necessary steps. Manager Max frequently conducts employee interviews to better identify various company-specific issues.

Do our employees participate during the performance?

Humorous Management Presentations are great shows! Above all else, employees participate by laughing (are sometimes even brought to tears with laughter), but freedom of speech is a right and participation can be established.

What was Manager Max’s career path?

A graduate of the Polytechnique School (a prestigious French university) and of Stanford University, Serge Grudzinski started his career as an industrial engineer and later became a Consultant in Management. In 1993, after becoming a public humorist on the side, he created Humour Consulting Group. (who is Manager Max ?)

How long does it take to prepare a Presentation?

His Presentations take several days to a few weeks to complete, depending on how detailed the preparation needs to be.

Can we use your services more than once?

Of course! Many of his clients have been calling Manager Max regularly for various circumstances for over 20 years.

In which languages can he perform?

Manager Max can perform in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

What does Manager Max bring to companies?

Manager Max provides tailor-made Presentations for seminars and conventions that deeply deal with the essential and specific challenges of each company, during which the participants laugh at every sentence (for over an hour …), in a positive and caring atmosphere. He also brings out the enthusiasm of the company. He focuses the teams’ collective intelligence and provides them with a fantastic, motivating energy.

How does this serve the General Management’s goals?

These Humorous Management Presentations have an unsurpassed efficiency to gather teams around business objectives: – Facilitate change – Improve the leadership skills of the managers – Work better together – Create an atmosphere of maximum energy and motivation. (Approach)

How do you leave such a strong impact?

The exceptional talent of Manager Max and his countless experiences in business dynamics guarantee that each show will bring results. Though humor is very difficult… and dangerous! Of course, humor can be very, very wrong … when it is misdirected. On the contrary, Manager Max, thanks to his empathy, his experience of the Business world, and his comedic talent, has mastered a positive and clean sense of humor. He touches employees with his benevolence to help provide relief to them, make them think, and enthuse them. He never hurts or offends people nor does he divide them. On the contrary, he brings them closer together. This is the essence of the success of \”Irresistible Collective Laughter \”.

Can you prove all this?

Since 1993, more than 1,000 Presentations have been conducted with more than 500 companies from the most prestigious sectors in Europe, The United States, and the world. Each time brings a great success that leaves companies better off than before. Please visit the references page to see feedback from his beloved customers. (clients)

Has Manager Max had any books published on the issues that he addresses?

Manager Max does not currently have any books published. Because his Presentations touch upon individual, company- specific topics, he feels that his messages are better received through close, personal interaction. Nonetheless, Manager Max has been working on, and plans to release books in the future, one about motivation and one about Irresistible Collective Laughter, his unique experience of laughter about serious matters.

Is success guaranteed?

Manager Max is so confident in the success of his Presentations because of his professionalism and expertise, that billing is “subject to satisfaction”; his customers only pay if they are delighted with his performance.